Course Layout and Description

HOLE 1 – This opening Par 4 has has a relatively wide fairway with bunkers guarding a normal drive landing area. This hole is often directly into the prevailing South Easterly wind so be prepared to go down a few clubs for your second shot.

HOLE 2 – A short Par 5, particularly if the South Easter is blowing. Two large fairway trees influence your driving decision. A river along the left will catch a hook. A well-placed drive will give you the choice of laying up or chancing a perfect second. Bush protects the green – favour the right side and don’t go long as there is water at the back of the green.

HOLE 3 – Right of the green is relatively open.

Short of the green is better than long.



HOLE 4 – This is a very short Par 4. The left side of the fairway is out of bounds.

NOTE: You are not allowed to either play or retrieve a ball from this area.

Straight or slightly right will be rewarded. The sensible play is to use a rescue or iron off the tee.

HOLE 5 – Straight or slightly right will be rewarded. The sensible play is to use a rescue or iron off the tee.

A reasonable drive and good long iron or rescue will leave you an easy pitch of about 100m.

The green protected by bunkers on the left and a water hazard on the right.

HOLE 6 – This hole usually plays into the wind and hence earns its stroke 2 rating. To reach the green you need a long drive – keep right to avoid the trees on the left.

Long hitters should rather play a 3 wood off the tee if there is no wind, as a river runs across the fairway at about 160 meters to the green.

HOLE 7 – Favour the right side of the fairway as a ditch runs along the left hand side of the fairway.

Long hitters are advised to use a 3 wood. The green is protected by water on the right and back.

HOLE 8 – Tricky Par 3 especially into the South Easterly wind. The pin always looks closer than it actually is.

Well bunkered with trouble on the left and back and a wayward slice may go out of bounds.

HOLE 9 – This easy hole completes the first nine.

An accurate drive leaves about 100 meters to the pin. Long hitters are advised to use a 3 wood. The driving range on the right is out of bounds and the river running along the right of the fairway crosses in front of the green, so don’t be short.

HOLE 10 – A long start to the second nine.

There is more room on the right off the tee as a dam on the left comes into play. No trouble near the green. This is a large green so check the pin placement.

HOLE 11 – Another straight drive will leave you a reasonable shot to a well contoured green. A hooked second may find a river running along the left side of the green. The green is protected by bunkers on the left and right. This is a difficult, undulating green, so do not be sorry if you are short for your second.

HOLE 12 – Favour the left side of the fairway.

A hooked tee shot will probably go out of bounds and a slice will find trees. The green is well protected and there is a fair amount of dead ground in front of the green, so add a club to your normal selection.

HOLE 13 – Great Par 4 with a dam catching any drive that goes left.

By favouring the left you should have a clear shot to the front of the green. Bunkers on the right and a sloping green make this a good test of skill. Believe in the yardage.

HOLE 14 – Long and tough Par 3, worthy of it’s stroke 3 rating. A generous green behind the narrow opening but beware of the water on the left.

HOLE 15 – Short and relatively easy Par 4, especially down wind. Short hitters stay right. The green slopes from back to front, so check the pin position.



HOLE 16 – Straight forward Par 5.

There is a long waste bunker on the left of the fairway. Fairway bunkers about 100m from the green often catch a misplaced second shot. This is a very wide and short, front to back, green.

A bunker protects the green and if you play it too long, there is water at the back.

HOLE 17 – A signature Par 3 – especially into the prevailing wind.

An average golfer could use a 5 iron on a windless day and a driver with a blustery South Easter! Water from tee to green. Short hitters favour the right and rely on a chip and putt.

Take 1 point and run!!

HOLE 18 – Strand’s signature hole deserves its stroke 1 rating as this is a true “3 shot” Par 5.

A drive of any length needs to be straight. Beware the dam on the right of the fairway and in front of the green. A short drive will require a 3 wood to about 120 meters from the green. The green slopes down towards the water so don’t be short. This green has slope and pace, so once on it, pay attention!